Polestar Helps Consumers Tune their Volvos

Factory-authorized performance tuning software for several Volvo models goes on sale for the first time Monday, November 14.

Volvo’s Swedish-based performance partner, Polestar, developed tuning software for the C30, C70 and S40 with a T5 engine, year 2008 and on. With an MSRP of $1,295 installed, the tuning package adds a powerful 23 hp and 29 lb.-ft. of torque to each respective model.

Get all the skinny on the Polestar software here.


Get a Peak at the New C70 Inscription

The new Volvo C70 Inscription won’t be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 16.  If you’re not trekking out to LA for the Auto Show, here is your chance for an early glance at the vehicle.  Visit the article on Swedespeed for pictures of and specifications for the C70 Inscription.

Volvo Surprises New York Twilight Fan

Volvo and Twilight held a contest via the Volvo Facebook page in which fans posted pictures of what they would wear if they attended Twilight characters  Bella and Edward’s wedding.  Among all of the submissions, a young woman from Albany, NY claimed the grand prize.
So, what did the lucky winner of the premier to Breaking Dawn Part 1 say she would wear to the wedding?  Find out more on Volvo’s blog.

Transforming a Volvo into Aquatic Art

More than 30 volunteers joined forces in 2001 to create The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir, a Volvo wagon covered with over 250 crustaceans, many of which are singing.  In the past decade, the wagon has become a well-known piece of artwork.

Read more about The Sashimi Ternacle Choir!

Prestige Volvo Offers Allstate Coverage for Used Vehicles

For years now, Prestige has been offering customers CARS Protection Plus, Inc. Warranties on its used vehicles. We offer the company’s Ultimate Plus contract, which is the best value for components covered. So long as the vehicle has less than 200,000 miles under its belt, owners can purchase up to four years of the Ultimate Plus Contract, starting at just $1,595. This plan covers damage on virtually all vehicle components, aside from manual clutch replacement.

According to its website, CARS Protection Plus, “Offers a complete line of limited warranties to meet the specific needs of your pre-owned vehicle. If there is a failure, C.A.R.S. will be there to assist with your repairs. We promise fast and hassle-free payment directly to the repair shop.” Please visit the CARS website for more details on the plan Prestige offers.

Although this plan has benefited many a Prestige Customer, many other customers desired a less costly option. In response to this need, we have begun offering Allstate’s economical Vehicle Service Contract for used cars. Allstate offers four different levels of coverage under this plan: Basic Care, Standard Care, Preferred Care, and Premier Care. Basic Care is the most general package, covering more than 65 car parts, and Premier Care is the most intricate package, covering more than 475 parts in your used vehicle.

The Allstate Vehicle Service Contract packages can help owners save thousands of dollars on car repairs and part replacements. Under one of these contracts, Allstate pays for 100 percent of part replacement and labor for parts covered by the specific package. Additionally, the packages are transferable, meaning that the car can be sold to a new owner and still be covered by Allstate; this helps increase the value of a used vehicle.

For more information about these Allstate Vehicle Service Contract packages, please contact Pat Masone directly at (973) 400-0141 or pmasone@prestigevolvo.com.